Goddess Retreat | anahata-conscious


November 9-17, 2019

​Empower to Transform and learn to access the Divine Feminine.

Join us for a Celebration of the Feminine

   a space to connect in sisterhood. 



Unlock, unblock, undo and release! No Shame, Just Bliss and Love. Our mission is for you to receive 7 full days of pure connection, detoxing the mind, body, and heart. By the end of our journey, you will receive tools and techniques to empower you in all aspects of your life.

The intention of this retreat is to create a safe environment for you to expand and deepen your practice and tune in to your own inner knowledge "Shakti”.


Shakti refers to the potent feminine energy that is said to be the power behind all of creation.  Unleash your raw creative essence, connect deeper to your divine feminine, learn tools and techniques to remove self- doubt, sabotage, fear of speaking your voice, fear of failure, and a chance to remove the false sense of identity. Shakti allows a resetting and re-programming of our belief systems that are not ours and do not resonate with our beings anymore. We will learn to release what no longer serves us.

You will get an introduction to flow yoga practices in the mornings along with mediation. We will break for breakfast, have a session with our life coach to learn some tools and techniques to unleash the Goddess within us. After, we will be receiving some Detoxifying Ayurvedic treatments that will assist in releasing toxins. Lunch will be served, followed by downtime to explore the magical Ubud, journal, or have a one on one with our life coach. In the afternoon, we will come together again for some gentle flowing restorative and releasing Yin Yoga sessions. This will include chakra balancing and yoga for deep healing with a sound bad Shavasana. On the day of arrival, there will be a beautiful opening circle where we will be connecting, sharing, and getting to know one another while having a safe space for discussions (open for when you are ready to share or to just listen to others).


There will be an Ayurvedic chef on-site preparing delicious and wholesome Ayurvedic meals to aid in the Trifecta Detox (Body+Mind+Heart).  You will be guided on your individual journey, whether you have been practicing yoga for years, or just beginning. and at the end, we will be having a little fire closing ceremony.

Find what is in alignment with you. Love and honour yourself in unleashing the divine goddess. This retreat is perfect for solo female travelers, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends looking for an enchanting space where the best of yoga, health and wellness come together in a compassionate and loving retreat setting. It will be packed with fun, laughter, and plenty of time to unwind and step back from the pressures of life.

Enjoy and share the experience of charming and artistic Ubud, Bali. This unique place is waiting for you to discover its rich culture and traditions.  Experience the exotic and vibrant smells, colors, tastes, traditions, people, and landscapes in this magical place that cannot be forgotten and certainly should not be missed.  Meet enlightened beings and sit in sacred places while indulging in the richness of this amazing ancient land.

Using asana, breathing techniques, a healthy diet, and a closer examination of our personal choices, meditation will help you and give you the tools to manifest the things we want in our lives and to be open to receive the beautiful gifts of the universe.

Celebrate your feminine grace every day. This retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to the heart of your wisdom with like-minded sisters. This retreat is open to all levels of self discovery, whether you are just dipping your toe, or have been following this path for years.

Our role in your journey is to help you discover what this practice can do for you and how you can learn to tap into your strength, ability, courage, flexibility, uniqueness and all of those beautiful things that makes you a woman.





  • A supportive and encouraging environment that will leave you with wonderful friends from all over the world

  • Deepen your yoga practice and deepen your understanding of self.

  • Located in the enchanting magical Ubud, Indonesia

  • An emphasis on some of the more Eastern practices (like pranayama, kriyas, yoga Nidra, mantras)

  • Emphasis on living in harmony with nature helps to establish a firm understanding in yoga or union with all of life

  • Leave more relaxed and refreshed

  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace

  • Build long-lasting sisterhood relationships

  • Practice Kindness, Forgiveness, and Self-Love

  • Discover the goddess within you and learn to celebrate your divine feminine


ALL MEALS ARE INCLUDED Vegan(Gluten-Free and upon request)



Accommodations: Shared Suite and Single Suite 

The villa is placed in Bali's stunning tropical nature but close to the magnificent Ubud! There are 9 fantastic bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. It stands like new as it was just renovated. 


More information about the space: 

Conscious date for this event: November 9-17, 2019

***Please make sure you arrive on the 9th to the retreat your transportation from and to the airport is included.  leave time after the retreat end date to ensure any delays don't cut into your time with us.


What’s Included in This Package:​​​​​​

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation Practice

  • ​Shuttle service will pick you up from Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar) on the day of arrival and drop you off there on the day of your departure by an experienced driver.

  • ​A welcome drink, a delicious plate of tropical fruit, and chilled towel service the moment you arrive at the retreat.​

  • 2 daily treatments as part of the mini Pancha Karma detox for4 days

  • ​One on one session with a life coach who will guide you through your journey (you will have a total of 3 session with the life coach. one as a group session, aside from the daily lectures we will have. A one on one private session and the last one will be a week later after you return from our journey.

  • ​Daily lecture to give you the tools and techniques you need

  • ​Two daily Yoga classes except on the day of arrival and the day of departure.​

  • ​3 daily meals included ( DETOX MEALS FOR 7 DAYS AND SNACKS FOR ARRIVAL DAY)

  • ​8 Nights in a single or double enchanted Balinese accommodation

  • 2 all-day tours led by an English speaking native. We will see many of the most visited Temples, Caves, Waterfalls, Forest, Sanctuaries and Rice Terraces including:​​​

  • ​Water Purification Ceremony including - Transport, Lunch, Sarongs, and ceremony.

  • ​Fire Closing Ceremony - Including Transport, sarongs, Ceremony


  • Experience the unique culture and rich history of East Bali with Bloo Lagoon. To the traditional village of Tenganan with its special double ikat textiles, the mother temple at Besakih, the elegant water palaces at Tirtagangga and Ujung, and many more captivating places.

  • Trekking along the Rice Fields

  • With Mount Agung as a backdrop

  • The trail starts in the small village of Kastala up on the hills and through wooded areas, streams and expansive rice fields. Sample some susu bananas at the local stands along the way. The destination is the Aga Village of Tenganan where a refreshing cup of herbal tea awaits you and a taste of the distinctive honey from the black bees.

  • Visit the mystic island of Nusapenida

  • What’s NOT Included in This Package:​​​

  • Roundtrip Airfare & Layovers

  • Visas

  • Travel & Medical Insurance

  • Other Spa Services

  • Activities outside of the scheduled list of day trips

  • Personal shopping & gift items

  • Tips for all services including hotel

Join an incredible journey to connect with your Goddess Energy

  • Experience a beautiful Purifying Ceremony

  • You all will arrive on  November 9, 2019. We will be having a small gathering in the evening to introduce ourselves and will be handing over an offering (gift) and your schedule. There will be light snacks and a gathering circle.

  • November 16th -  Our last Goddess dinner will include a magical closing Fire Ceremony followed by a delicious dinner.

  • November 17th sadly DEPARTURE DATE breakfast will be available -  transport to the airport or next destination begin.




Water Purification Ceremony 

Traditional Balinese Memorable Experiences

Fire Closing Ceremony 



Bali is often referred to as the island of "holy water" because of the countless number of sacred springs on Bali and because holy water is the key element in their purification ceremonies. One of the five elements, water represents flow of energy (also known as prana or chi), connected to emotion and intuition. Balinese participate in water blessings regularly called, Melukat, and believe that these rituals assist in cleansing our bodies on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Sitting in meditation in one of our Sacred Spaces, a temple priest prepares the holy water in a vase with flowers and incense while chanting mantras in ancient Sanskrit. Following the mantras, you are invited to receive a holy water cleansing as this blessed water is poured gradually over your head and body, giving a full sensation of having a "holy shower."

* Guests are required to wear a sarong and sash provided by Fivelements

One of the oldest spiritual healing practices or meditation practice of Hindu rituals related with agni/fire is agnihotra - the sacred homa. The spiritual technique is a type of fire worship which was practiced by Indian saints thousands of years back. It is also known as small yajna (Yagna is a form of fire-worship, but in larger scale). Agnihotra homa can become a complimentary shakti or energy for us because all of us live in a very close relation with nature. This ceremony is held to release negative energies and feelings. After lighting a sacrificial fire ceremony 700 mantras will be sung while objects such as a coconut with offerings will be used as an item to focus your thoughts and feelings. This ceremony is preformed to get rid of and burn these thoughts /feelings in the sacred fire. After the ceremony, the participants will share a healthy 3-course Gourmet Dinner. A Raw Food menu may be provided upon request. The duration of this event is approximately 2-3 hours. 


Our Sacred Conscious space 

Bloo Lagoon is an eco-resort that overlooks the ocean above Padangbai, Bali.

Bloo Lagoon is an alternative for those travelers who treasure contact with nature and wish to live in harmony with it. It is an ecosystem that attracts birds, butterflies, frogs, geckos, and plants. Occasionally we see monkeys and monitor lizards.

Located approximately one hour and a half from Ngurah Rai – Bali International Airport, Padangbai is a busy port where most people take the ferry to/from Lombok and onwards to the Gilis, Komodo Islands and Flores.

With its beautiful setting, small, unspoiled village feel, it must qualify as one of the most attractive port towns in the world. At the northern end of the town sits the 11th century Pura Silayukti Temple and just beyond it lies the Blue Lagoon, a small white sand beach great for snorkeling, diving and relaxing in the local warungs.

All Bloo Lagoon’s villas are designed with open spaces that flow indoors to outdoors that suitable for singles, couples and families. One, two and three bedroom villas are equipped with kitchens, linens and tableware.

Enjoy outdoor bathing surrounded by lush vegetation or sip a drink while sitting under an umbrella or lounging on the swimming pool shore. Bloo Lagoon Villas & Resort, PadangBai. A place to get in touch with the East Balinese
Culture via sustainable tourism for more informatiom on the villas: https://bloolagoon.com/

People will be arriving on Nov 9th and departing on November 17.

Denpasar airport is about an hour and a half away, but don't worry, transportation will be arranged.

 There is no cost for a 30-day visa on arrival

however, if you plan to extend your stay in Bali for longer than this you will need to go to a different desk and purchase the visa on arrival for $35 US and use a local agent to extend over 30 days.

Deposits are non-refundable & final  payments for the retreat should be made within  30 days before the retreat 

got questions ?

"We are humbly thankful and grateful for each and every one of you for sharing this beautiful journey with us and allowing us the opportunity to share our teachings in a sacred space and in sisterhood " ... Life is an experience from which you learn and grow. ... relationships, objects, moments, or any other aspects of our lives . ... 


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