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Dr. Ari Beers P.hD.

Lead Teacher 

Ari started Anahata Conscious Living with the vision of improving the lives of others by teaching the power of wellness and conscious living. While traveling and studying abroad with Gurus, Masters, Teachers and guides both formal and informal, as well as healing herself and volunteering in South America, Asia and Portugal, Ari discover her passion for improving the lives of others.and decided to devote her life to awareness and wellness. With this vision and passion, Ari strives to enrich communities and empower others to understand, improve and balance the body, mind, and spirit (Heart/Atma).  

Ari is a certified International Yoga Teacher and approved continuing education teacher through Yoga Alliance. She is also an Ayurveda Practitioner with a background in western medicine before switching into the studies and practice of holistic wellness.  Ari continues to take part in Ayurvedic training in India on an annual basis.

In addition to teaching one-on-one yoga classes, which focus asana (postures), meditation and pranayama (breath work), Ari leads workshops and retreats worldwide.

Ari has a deep sense of gratitude for all of her teachers and Guru for teaching her and showing her the way.  One way for her to express this gratitude is to share and spread  these teachings with the world.

After years of unused fitness gym memberships and in search for another form of exercise to supplement beach volleyball, Ben decided to try out a yoga class in the summer of 2011 while he lived in San Diego.  It was like the first time he tried a homemade chocolate chip cookie -- he was instantly hooked and craved more!  The balance and blend of exercise, stretch, breath, openness, compression, and stress-relief provided such amazing, all-encompassing feelings and benefits, Ben immersed himself in his practice.


Ben received his 200-hour yoga instructor certification in the fall of 2013 from CorePower Yoga, and was an integral part of growing CorePower Yoga in Boston.  In 2016, he moved to Central Coast, CA and taught at Spark Yoga and Smiling Dog Yoga.  In 2019, Ben moved to Los Angeles, CA and joined up with Anahata Conscious Living.  He teaches primarily hot/power vinyasa yoga classes, and caters to those who want to sweat and get a solid workout in.


Ben brings calm yet energizing vibes into class to break you away from wherever or whatever you do before stepping into the studio.  He will challenge you to push yourself, as well as be the voice that will remind you to learn your physical limits and honor your body.  He is a huge proponent and believer that yoga can benefit anyone willing to try it out, so he is excited to get to know you and see you on your mat!          

Ben Needham

Lead teacher 


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